Suzanne Slade

Suzanne Slade
Suzanne Slade is the award-winning author of over 100 books for children.


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Check it out! Caleb Creek School blog post about our Skype visit.

Skype School Visit for Grades 1- 5
$100 for one 30-minute Q&A visit
$175 for two 30-minute Q&A visits
$225 for three 30 minute same day Q&A visits
In her virtual author visit, Ms. Slade will share her author's journey, show how an author's idea becomes a real book, and provide plenty of time for Q & A so students get all their questions answered!

*An autographed book makes an author visit extra special. Suzanne offers schools the opportunity for students to purchase books at a discount.


Astronaut Annie

Suzanne Slade - Skype An Author Network
The Music in George's Head: George Gershwin Creates Rhapsody in Blue

Suzanne Slade - Skype An Author Network
The Inventor's Secret- illustrated by Jennifer Black Reinhardt (Charlesbridge, 2015)
* Great STEM title! Perfect book to kick off your class Genius Hour!
Friends for Freedom- illustrated by Nicole Tadgell (Charlesbridge, 2014)
*Starred Review - Publisher's Weekly
*Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People
Soda Bottle School
The Soda Bottle School- illustrated by Aileen Darragh (Tilbury House, 2014)
* 2015 Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Booklist
The true story of students who built their school out of trash!

With Books And Bricks: How Booker T. Washington Built a School
- illustrated by Nicole Tadgell

The House That George Built
The House That George Built
- illustrated by Rebecca Bond
*Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year

Climbing Lincoln's Steps
Climbing Lincoln's Steps
- The African American Journey
- illustrated by Colin Bootman
*Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People
*Winner 2011 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People (PreK-3 Category)

What's New at the Zoo?
What’s New at the Zoo? An Animal Adding Adventure
- illustrated by Joan Waites
This beautiful title helps children practice addition skills as they discover the special names
of many baby animals. (Did you know a baby peacock is called a peachick?)
Get ready for a wild animal adding adventure!

[Untitled]What's the Difference? An Endangered Animal Subtraction Story - illustrated by Joan Waites

Celebrate the amazing difference people make for endangered animals
while practicing subtraction in this sequel to the popular title, What's New at the Zoo?
This book features lush, watercolor illustrations of our world's precious animals
along with subtraction problems in each clever rhyming verse.
Learn how you can make a difference in this exciting book!

Multiply on the Fly
Multiply on the Fly
- illustrated by Erin E. Hunter

*A California Reading Association Eureka! Silver Honor book
*Illnois READS selection

A fun, buggy tale which makes multiplication fun!

The Great Divide
The Great Divide
- illustrated by Erin E. Hunter

Just like people, animals like to hang out with their friends and family. Many groups of animals have
their own unique names. For example, did you know group of gorillas is a called a band? This rhythmic, fun-to-read-aloud book introduces children to division as they learn about bands, tribes, mobs & more.

Animals are Sleepingmals are Sleeping - illustrated by Gary Phillips

With its rhythmic text and the rich illustrations,
Animals are Sleeping is the perfect naptime story or bedtime book.
This picture book shares fascinating information, such as location,
position, and duration of sleep of animals in different habitats.

What Schools are Saying:

RAAD Stroudsburg School

"We had a faculty meeting this morning and I can't even begin to
express how impressed our principal was with your event! :)
The kids and teachers are still talking about it.
You've truly encouraged so many children in so many ways!"

Ms. Tiffany Maronpot, 3rd grade teacher, Stroudsburg Elementary

"My students loved our Skype visit with Suzanne Slade. They thought it was cool to see and talk to someone so far away. The students
were astounded they could see inside her house where she worked. During Ms. Slade's book reading the class was completely engaged,
and they enjoyed walking up to the camera to ask questions for Q & A time. The ability to make a personal connection with someone who
writes books they enjoy was so empowering. Right after our visit one student told me she wanted to write books when she grew up!"
Ms. Tonya Bontrager, Parkside Elementary School, Media specialist

Early sketches from Climbing Lincoln's Steps
"Suzanne did an excellent job of discussing being an author at the students' level. She was very engaging and motivating. She gave detailed answers to the students' questions. A large part of
the reason her presentation and the question and answer session was so well received by the
students was because of how personable she was. Suzanne treated the entire class like they
were old friends sitting down to have a conversation about being an author. After the event,
one boy said, 'I can't believe I just talked to a real live author. I still have chills.'"

Ms. Jamey Stanosz, Portage Community School District
, Media Specialist.

"What a fabulous experience for our students! Not only was it a treat to be able to hear you read your book, but they loved writing and asking their own questions. Definitely a memorable experience for them. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to your new book!"
MaryBeth Collin, 2nd grade, Johnson Elementary

"Dear Mrs. Slade,
Thank you so much for everything you did for our class. You gave us your time and explained how you got your ideas. We also enjoyed seeing your dog. We loved when you read us What's New at the Zoo? That is my favorite book of the year. I hope you can Skype us another time. Your friend, Nayeli"

Please ask author prior to Skype visit if you wish to tape session

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