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I have presented to over 300 elementary schools and dozens of middle, junior high, and high schools. My elementary school presentation is called Finding the Magic Inside You. It teaches 3rd – 6th graders that we all have magic inside us; we just need to discover it and then believe in ourselves. One of the best places for children to discover their magic is in books because there are books on whatever they are interested in from dragon dung to pizza. I also teach in a very fun interactive way how to come up with a great story idea in less than five minutes where students learn about protagonists (heroes), goal (what is the hero trying to do?), obstacles (what stands in their way? Can be anything from a giant mountain of mayonnaise the hero has to eat her way through to a hundred-foot-tall cheese-vomiting bologna sandwich.) and consequences for failure and success. The full presentation is about 40-50 minutes with Q&A. My higher grade presentations tend to be focused on more specific writing and publishing topics from getting published in the age of blogs, twitters, and internet e-zines to hooking the reader with your first page. I can present to an entire assembly or to book clubs or writing groups. Having published everything from mysteries to YA fantasy, I can focus on what interests the group.

Elementary school presentation is typically 3rd - 6th grades, but I can adapt to younger or older kids. With upper grades I can present to any audiance from a creative writing class to a book club.

Available Times: With enough notice my times are very flexible.

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: 15 minutes

In-Depth Visit Length: 45 minutes to an hour for most presentations. On-site all day visits where I move from class to class are also available.

In-Depth Visit Cost: $100 for up to one hour virtual visit. Typically I charge $200 for a one hour in person assembly or $500 for an all day visit. Travel costs can be waived if more than one school schedules together. If money is a problem, we may be able to negotiate a purchase of books or something else in place of the normal fee.

Contact Information: I can be contacted by e-mail at


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