SKYPE Overview


Use Skype to call another person anywhere in the world who also has Skype is totally free at anyime, day or night, morning or weekends. Skype allows users to make audio calls, video calls, and to send instant messages. You can also call landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world at great rates. Skype is free to download and easy to use.



Create A Skype AccountCreate an Account
1. Double click the desktop icon for Skype
2. Click the link under Skype Name. Don't have a Skype Name?
3. Complete the new account fields and click Next.
4. Check Sign-Me In when Skype starts.
6. Click the Sign In button.

Testing Your SoundTest Your Sound
1. Under the Contacts tab, select Skype Test Call
2. Click the green phone to call Skype and test your sound.
3. Listen. When you hear the first beep,
speak into your mic (webcam) for a few seonds.
4. When you hear the second beep, you should hear your voice played back.

Options - Click the Tools menu and Choose Options
1. Click General Settings
  • Set your preferences

2. Click Privacy
  • Allow call from ... choose only people in my Contact List
  • Click Advanced Options
  • Automatically receive video from ... Show that I have video to ... choose people in my Contact List
  • Allow chats from ... choose only people in my Contact List
  • Uncheck Allow my status to be shown on the web

3. Click Notifications
  • For Notifications Settings, indicate your preferences
  • Click Alerts & Messages under Notifications.
  • Recommend that you uncheck all except the Help and Skype tips.
4. Click Save at the bottom

Webcam Settings
1. Click Tools and choose Options
2. Click Video Settings
3. Selct the following options:
  • Start my video automatically when I am in a call.
  • Automatically receive video from only people in my Contact List
  • Show that I have video to .. people in my Contact List
Add a Contact
1. Click the Add button on the Contacts Tab
2. Enter the Skyp ename, real name, or email address
3. Click the Find button
4. Highlight the contact in the search resutls and click Add Skype Contact
5. Enter a message in the Say Hello box
6. Click OK
7. When the contact accepts the invitation, they will be added to your Contacts tab.

Call a Contact (computer to computer)
1. Click the contact's name in the Contacts tab
2. You will see a green icon next to each of your contacts. You can scroll over them to see if they are available.
3. Once you select your contact, click the green phone button on their contact card (or double click the contact)
to make the call.
4. If the contact answers the call and he has a webcam, you will see it displayed on the screen.
5. You can invite up to 24 people for a conference call.

Options Once You Are in a Call
Move your mouse around the contact card to se the following options.

  • Add additional callers
  • Start a chat
  • Send a file, view profile, remove from contacts, hang up (click the menu button for all the options)
  • Hold the call, mute/unmute mic.
  • Turn on/off camera
  • Move you mouse over the incoming video for full screen option
  • Click the camera icon to taka picture of what is currently on the webcam
Chat (send message)
1. Go to Contacts tab
2. Choose your contact
3. Click the Chat (send message) button.
4. Contacts who are offline or unavailable will see your message when they sign into Skype.
5. There are many more options in the chat feature to play around with, including group chat.

Additional features include file transfer and video conferencing.
The Skype support website includes a complete manual and detailed information about Skype features.


Example of Arapahoe High School Students talking to Daniel Pink - Book Whole New Mind -- using Skype.and UStream. Read the beginning and then watch the recorded UStream video .. It doesn't start until 2 minute 40 seconds into the video -- be patient.

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