Lynne Kelly

Lynne Kelly - Skype An Author Network Lynne Kelly - Skype An Author Network
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Author Website:

Author Address: Conroe, TX

Genres: Contemporary fiction, realistic fiction, multicultural

Presentations: book club discussions, revision, plotting for the non-plotter, social media for writers, elephant behavior

Audiences: 3rd grade and up

Available Times: Contact to schedule

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: 20 minutes for a discussion of Chained orSong For a Whaleand Q&A. Signed bookmarks and/or bookplates available to participants upon request.

In-Depth Visit Length: 30 - 60 minutes

In-Depth Visit Cost: $50 - $100

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Chained or Song For a Whale

Contact Information: email lynne01[at]

Affiliations: SCBWI, The Class of 2k12, The Apocalypsies, The YAHous, former teacher of elementary special education math and language arts

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