Lisa Ard

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Author Address (e.g., City, State, Country): Portland, Oregon, USA

Genres: (see list on Directions for Authors page) fantasy, humor

Presentations: (1) Editing - Do I Have To?; (2) Showing vs. Telling; (3) My Publishing Experience; (4) Writing From the Senses (5) What is a Story Arc?

Audiences: Grades K-6

Testimonial: "I can't thank you enough for taking the time to speak with our fifth graders. We had over one hundred 10 and 11 year-olds in attendance, all of whom had been anticipating your visit for weeks, since we began reading Fright Flight. I wish you could have heard the discussions we had after the session. The students were inspired with a new excitement for writing as they shared their favorite piece of advice from you. I overheard a couple of students discussing how they were going to buy little notebooks over the weekend, so that they could start recording their ideas. When students are able to learn from an expert in a field, it takes their learning to a new level. Thank you for seeing the value in that and taking the time to help develop young writers." Michele Colebrook, 5th grade teacher

Available Times: M-F 9am - 3pm Pacific Time

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: 15 minutes

In-Depth Visit Length: 30 minutes

In-Depth Visit Cost: free

Prerequisites: students should read the first chapter of Fright Flight (available on my website) prior to our Skype session; teacher/librarian distributes book order information to parents (I will provide via e-mail)

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Affiliations: Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), Willamette Writers

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