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The Banana Police by Katy KoontzAbout The Banana Police, a children's picture book written by Katy Koontz and illustrated by Kelsey C. Roy:

Deep in the jungle is a sweet little town where people happily co-exist with elephants—until the townspeople become increasingly annoyed with their lovable, lumpy neighbors. After all, they snore loudly, hog the best seats at the movies, and block all the aisles in the supermarket. Who needs that? When Mayor McFroontz calls on the Elephant Police to devise a clever scheme to get the elephants to leave, the town ends up buried in all the extra bananas the beasts usually eat. The mayor then calls on the Banana Police to deal with the bananas, but it’s the townspeople themselves who finally get rid of them. Everyone ends up learning—immediately, if not sooner, as the mayor is known to say—just how vital those pesky pachyderms really are. The unspoken message is about the value of peaceful co-existence and cooperation between inherently different groups.

Author Website:

Audio interview: Radiocentrix radio show, hosted by Lee Anne McClymont

Author Address: Knoxville, Tennessee

Genres: picture book, multicultural

Audiences: K-3rd grade is ideal
Katy Koontz
Available Times: varies--Katy lives on Eastern Time but has very flexible hours

No-Cost Meet the Author Visit: 15 minutes for classes or groups who have read the book

In-Depth Visit Length:
Generally one hour in each classroom and/or assembly, but willing to vary length as necessary

In-Depth Visit Cost: negotiable

Contact Information: Katy8232@aol.com; (865) 693-9845

Affiliations: American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA); Society of American Travel Writers (SATW)

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