Jane Sutcliffe

Jane Sutcliffe is the author of over two dozen nonfiction books for young readers. Her curriculum-oriented presentations to school children are always fast-paced, informative, and above all FUN. With Skype you can bring her to your students virtually.

Author Website: www.janesutcliffe.com

Author Address: Tolland, CT, USA

Genres: Creative nonfiction, informational, biography, history, art, picture books, middle grade.


How I Found Out My Teacher’s Shoe Size: Research Skills For Young Students
Research standards are prominently included in the CCSS. In this fast-paced, interactive presentation for third through fifth graders, students conduct a short research project to learn first-hand how the same research process I use in my biographies can be used to find out just about anything, even…well, you can guess.
I also share some of the letters, photos, and artifacts I use, with an emphasis on the pathway from source to written work.
A shorter version is available for younger grades.
Supports the Common Core Writing Standards 7, 8, and 9.

Who Goes There?
Suitable for fifth grade and up. What was it like to be a soldier in the attack on Washington, DC? Who do you think will win the battle? Will the White House end up in flames? Readings from journal entries of actual soldiers are included.
Supports the Common Core Reading Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies 2 and 3.

Explode the Moment: Writing About Small Moments in a Big Way
This presentation encourages students to explore the craft of writing, especially the dilemma of writing about seemingly small moments in an interesting way. Student volunteers are asked to select an everyday activity at random and act it out. The actions are then “exploded” and the class is asked to comment on various ways the action can be described.
I also demonstrate some similar “small moments” from my books and how I found a way to write about them.
This is an interactive presentation aimed at third through fifth grade students.
Supports the Common Core Writing Standard 3 and Language Standard 3a.

Audiences: K through 8th grade.

Available Times: Flexible; please contact the author for availability.

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: up to 20 minute Q & A session. There is limited availability and these fill up fast!

In-Depth Visit Length: sessions up to one hour

In-Depth Visit Cost: $110 per session. Discounts available for multiple sessions.

Prerequisites: Teachers must remain in room with students.

Contact Information: Please contact me through my website: jane@janesutcliffe.com

Affiliations: Member, SCBWI.

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