Derek Taylor Kent (AKA Derek the Ghost)

Author - Author of the Scary School series from HarperCollins

Author Address (e.g., City, State, Country):Los Angeles, CA. USA

Genres: Middle-Grade Horror/Comedy/Fantasy, Also beginning reader educational

Presentations: Available for signings and school visits. Visits can include a 15-minute show, 30-minute show, 45-minute show, or a 1-hour show. View this link for a video sample of the famous Scary School Interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure!

Audiences: 1st grade-6th grade

Available Times: Anytime during the day.

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: 30 minutes

In-Depth Visit Length:45 minutes - 1 hour

In-Depth Visit Cost: Free for Los Angeles based schools. Otherwise email for

Prerequisites:For the interactive show, i would ideally have a projector, laptop hookup, screen, and microphone. Not mandatory though. I love doing shows in coordination with booksfairs where I do my school visit and then do a signing after school at a bookfair. I can put you in touch with local bookstores that host booksfairs as they are a great fundraising tool for schools. Just this year, sales of Scary School through this program have raised over $10,000 for local schools. If a bookfair can't be worked out, it's good to coordinate with local bookstores so that kids can pre-order the books and we can do a signing after the show.


Affiliations: SCBWI, California Readers Association

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