Brian Kenneth Swain

B SwainAuthor Website:

Author Address (e.g., City, State, Country): Helotes, Texas, USA

Genres: (see list on Directions for Authors page): I write fiction and poetry, and have published two novels (World Hunger and Alone in the Light) and two poetry collections (Secret Places and My America). My long fiction falls into the category of commercial thrillers, along the lines of Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, etc. World Hunger is a novel about GMOs (genetically modified crops), and is the only available fiction on this topic in existence, so far as I am aware. I used this novel as the basis for working closely with a class of 100 honors English students at Brophy Preparatory School in Phoenix recently as part of their program on world food supplies and nutrition. In addition to answering all of their questions on my web site, I also took part in four Skype video conferences with the class. It was a wonderful experience and the students greatly enjoyed the opportunity to interact directly with the author of one of their assigned books. I look forward to doing more projects like this in the coming weeks.

My newest novel, Alone in the Light, is only just being released. It is centered around the geopolitics of Chechnya, juxtaposed with liquid natural gas tankers and directed-energy weaponry. It would make an excellent companion reading assignment for programs having to do with energy policy and/or Russian/Chechen geopolitics.

Presentations: Depends on the situation

Audiences: Any groups, e.g., classes, book clubs, conferences, etc.

Available Times: Very flexible at the moment.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: Entirely flexible

In-Depth Visit Length: Entirely flexible

In-Depth Visit Cost: Depends on the specific situation. If within reasonable driving distance of Houston or San Antonio, cost will typically not be an issue. More than an hour or two drive would require discussion.

Prerequisites: None

Contact Information:, 210-464-2412

Affiliations: None

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