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Ann and boyfriend Jim quit their jobs, sold everything they owned and just went, the first time for 2-1/2 years to the Middle East and Africa, the second time for 13 months to Asia. 1089 Nights spans a 25-year healthy obsession with travel in the developing world.

Author Address: Columbia MD

Literary nonfiction; Memoir; Narrative; Adventure; Travel essay; International; Inspirational

Contact me to see how to customize a presentation to your needs. There are creative ways to pique people's interest in reading and exploring the world by armchair--my journey so far has been via book clubs, coffee shops, booksellers, libraries, after-church gatherings, a catered evening in a friend's home, travel groups, senior centers and retirement communities
Presentations to students: Ann von Lossberg - Skype An Author NetworkI especially welcome the opportunity to present to students ninth grade through college, and homeschool groups. 1089 Nights: An Odyssey Through the Middle East, Africa and Asia is possibly the most palatable human geography lesson students can get.

Where the book has not been read beforehand, this format seems to be particularly winning:

1) A bit about the backstory: How my boyfriend and I quit our jobs, sold everything we owned and just traveled the world. People are always interested in this story. I'd like to sow some seeds, make young people in particular realize that they will soon be in a position to make large decisions between high school and college, between college semesters, etc. in favor of a different kind of education. The messsage is that going outside one's comfort zone can be very expanding.

2) An excerpt from the book. I read about 5-8 minutes; the passages I choose give a rich feel for people in the developing world and what it's like to travel there. OR the excerpt piece can focus on a discussion of Our Perceptions of People in Other Cultures. This discussion underlines that people from other cultures may do things we do not understand; the reasons are usually borne out of great need or poverty.

3) Talk about why I wrote the book.
a) I wanted people to see that the world is a wondrous welcoming place, not a scary place at all. The sources from which we obtain information are often not correct, giving us a skewed view of a place. Our personal experience of a country is altogether different from what we hear.
b) To give readers an opportunity to see people in other cultures "in their own light."
c) To sensitize people about issues in the world, such as famine and poverty, displacement because of conflict/ wars, etc.

4) Writing and publishing a book.
Drawing from my experience, I talk about how best to develop your own writing; manage time to write; finding an agent; the POD (print on demand) alternative and self publishing. Whether one goes with a traditional publisher or self publishes, the author must plan to spearhead his/her own marketing. No doubt about it.

5) Q&A

Where groups have already read 1089 Nights, the discussion is richer. "Our Perceptions of People in Other Countries" is one possible discussion that draws on stories within stories they've read and probably have an opinion about. (A special group price is available online for this purpose and local libraries, if applicable, in the Baltimore metro area and Baltimore city carry my book).

Other topics of interest may include:

* Writing memoir; writing travelogue and creating a sense of place.

* The value of creating a writing group for new writers.

How to travel independently (on your own vs. going the tour route); how to travel on a shoestring.

Audiences: Very broad. Teens to seniors, men and women. I have been pleased to see how consummate non-travelers have embraced my book. In the end, people just love a good read, they say. The thread that connects all my readers, I think, is they dare to dream.

Available Times: I am flexible, day and evenings, when I'm not traveling.

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: Up to 30 minutes.

In-Depth Visit Length: 30-90 minutes

In-Depth Visit Cost: This is flexible; we can talk about this. Money is not important; I care about sharing experiences and making people think a bit differently. The highest good for me is to awaken people's interest in other cultures and to convey the message that the world is there to be explored, and welcoming.

Prerequisites: Visit my website to get a good feel for the book, read the list of story offerings in the book (contents link); read the excerpt; check out the photo gallery-slideshow with music to whet your appetite.

Contact Information:;

Affiliations: Maryland Writer's Association Learn more about the book here, read an excerpt, see the photo album, contact Ann, make a contribution to the Cambodian Children's Education Foundaton.

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