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A.S. King - Skype An Author NetworkA.S. King is the author of acclaimed ASK THE PASSENGERS, EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS, the Michael L. Printz Honor Book PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ, and THE DUST OF 100 DOGS. Her next YA novel, REALITY BOY, is due in Fall 2013. Learn more at www.as-king.com

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Blog: www.as-king.info

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"I work at a university, where I train preservice English teachers. As part of a course focused on the teaching of literature, and the field of young adult literature, I asked Amy to Skype with my class. The students had already read Please Ignore Vera Dietz, and were very excited to meet with the actual author of one of their texts. Amy's Skype session with my class was fantastic, and more than I ever could have hoped for. She shared insights into her writing process, the characters and events in her novel, and her thoughts on the state of reading instruction in schools today. Everything, and I mean everything she talked about fed directly into discussions and activities our class had been doing over the course of the semester. Amy is incredibly open, engaging and funny. She put my students at ease very quickly, and our hour together flew by. I had several students come up to me, after the session was over, and tell me that it had been the 'best last class ever.'" Mark Letcher, Purdue University Calumet

"I had the pleasure of having Ms. King do a Skype chat my English class. I was very impressed with both Ms. King's preparation beforehand as well as the presentation. We spoke about what was going to be discussed, preparing the presentation to go along with what I was teaching at that time. I was able to apply all that was talked about during the Skype chat and take it back to the classroom for a follow up lesson.
Ms. King spoke about how she developed characters in her books and also did a Q & A with the students. The students were both fascinated by the author and the technology. They enjoyed her presentation and were talking about it for days. I had a few students so inspired by Ms. King, they started creating their own stories. A.S. King was engaging, funny, and informative. She was easy to talk to and delivered the information in a way in which the students could understand. I would recommend Skyping with Ms. King to any teacher who wants to inspire her students to become better writers." Shannon Bailey, 8th grade ELP English at Rhodes Junior High, AZ


Some of A.S. King's books
General Book and Writing Chat

Talking to readers about my books, my process, and answering specific questions about characters or ideas, and how I got published is really fun for me. For school visits there are educator guides available on the home page of my website. Please inform me whether the class has or has not read the book before the visit. For non-school visits, I'm open to whatever your group would like to talk about. I love sharing my knowledge of how to break through in the publishing business, and how to grow a love of writing. All sessions are run as an ongoing Q&A, versus a long, formal presentation, for best video-chat interaction.

Specific Book Chat
For students and book clubs who have read a specific book and would like to talk about it.

For Aspiring Writers:
Finding Your Writer's Middle Finger: An examination of persistence, voice and breaking traditional writing rules.

Based on the title of her popular essay series, an hour of rebellion with A.S. King, exploring questions writers often ask, like: Do I suck? Will I ever get published? (Once published = Will I ever make a living at this?) When should I just give up? What is good writing, anyway? What is voice and how do I get one? Who can help me? The workshop focuses on personal growth and self-esteem as a writer, as a query writer, and as a published author. 15 minute Q&A included.

Audiences: High school students grade 9 and up, university creative writing students, aspiring writers (teen or adult), book groups, university education YAL students.
Also, literacy students interested in creative writing & their tutors.

Available Times: M-F 10-3:30 EST, Monday nights available for book groups or libraries. Saturday afternoons available for literacy students & tutors.

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

In-Depth Visit Length: 60 minutes, with ample understanding if Q&A runs over time.

In-Depth Visit Cost:
$200 (Book groups, contact me for book group price!)

Prerequisites: Author will need to know if participants have read her work.

Contact Information: asking@as-king.com

Affiliations: ALAN, SCWBI

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